Turn your brewery into a brewstillery

Discover the untapped spirit production capacity your brewery already has by filling in your brew capacity and the strength of your beer.

The calculator will tell you how many bottles of spirit you can produce in one distillation run.

Brewstillery Calculator
{{brewingcapacity}} Hectoliters of beer
{{brewingcapacitybarrels}} Barrels of beer
{{alcoholpercentage}}% Alcohol percentage
Your brewstillery could produce:
{{netyieldhecto}} bottles (40%)
{{netyieldbarrel}} bottles (40%)
Of Whisky, Wodka, Rum, Gin etc.
At an electrical cost of:
{{costhecto}} kWh
{{costbarrel}} kWh
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Interview with brewstiller Travis Peterson from the Meadowlark Brewery

We see the expansion in to distillation as a natural evolution to meet trends. Breweries share a lot of the same equipment, methodology and knowledge of alcohol.

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