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Complete and certified distilling training (November 2020)

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A four day distilling course including Odin’s revolutionary theory on distillation and how you can apply it to improve spirits production, an introduction to the making of white spirits, the role of mashing, fermenting and aging in the making of taste rich spirits. The training combines theory with practice. You will make your own gin recipe and distill your own drink. The 4th day is about assembling and programming the iStill machines. Our workshops are rated by our trainees with a 9.7 out of 10, and considered the best in the industry.

Excellent explanation of all parts of the process and how to affect flavor of spirits. It was also great to meet some "real life" distillers and talk about business aspects as well as practical.

- Andrea Stanch, UK

The course was: very enjoyable, very well thought, very informative with hands on experience, aimed to teach the process and not just tell the students which buttons to push, thought in a clear, easy to understand way. Thank you very much Odin and Veronika for a very enjoyable few days!

- Tom Grills, Ireland

It was a brilliant course, it gives you confidence, and nice to share experiences.

- Kevin-Cameron Cross, UK

"As a beginner, it was very nice to meet more experienced distillers who have shared their knowledge and experience. The course gave me enough knowledge and confidence to start to distill."

- Juri Kiur, Estonia

Day 1

9:00 Arrival

9:30 Introduction and Goals

10:00 Odin's theory on Distillation

12:30 Lunch (Catered)

13:30 Translation theory to (i)Still Design

16:00 Surprise program and dinner

Production Floor: Run 1

Day 2

9.30 Odin's theory on Fermentation

12:30 Lunch (Catered)

13:30 How to make vodka and gin

Production Floor: Run 2

Day 3

9:30 Extraction, Essences and how they help the craft distiller

12:30 Lunch (Catered)

13:00 Aging, Fast aging and barrelling

Production Floor: Run 3

Day 4

9:00 Assembly and programming an iStill

12:30 Lunch (Catered)

13:30 Starting and running a distillery

14:30 Creating extraordinary rum and whisk(e)y bij cycles

16:00 Wrap Up

Production Floor: Starting a new fermentation





including: coffee, thee snacks, catered lunch
complimentary dinner on the first day,
taxi service from the hotel to course location and back (if stayed at advised accomodation)

Refund Policy

Due to the cost of organizing the training, we are unable to offer refunds for any reason. We will however letyou take another training at a later date as long as it is within one year of the original training date and at leastseven days notice of cancellation before the original training date.

Complete and certified distilling training (November 2020)
Nov 2020
Woerden, The Netherlands
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