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iStill Fermenter 5000


Height: 320 cm
Boiler Capacity: 5000 liter net
Top Manhole Diameter: 40 cm
Weight: 950 kilo


Jet Propulsion Agitator

Perfect particle distribution without a vortex being created

pH Management

pH tells you how sour your fermentation is running. pH control helps you manage root-like and nutty flavors.

SG Management

Specific Gravity or SG tells you where your fermentation is at. From an alcohol production point of view: how much alcohol is already produced and how much is still to be produced.

Price of current setup:
Price of current setup:
Paid in once
Price of current setup:
Price of current setup:
Per Month. For 5 years. (estimate)
Currently for USA and UK customers only
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iStill Fermenter 5000
+ Ph Management
+ Sg Management

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