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iStill 5000


Max-Height: 455-600 cm
Boiler Capacity: 5000 liter net
Column Diameter: 12 inch
Weight: 1350 kilo


Jet Propulsion Agitator

Perfect particle distribution, no vortex is created, for mashing and fermenting, for on the grain/pulp distilling

Boiler Raditor

Cools boiler content, useful for mashing and fermenting and PLC controlled boiler temperature

Indirect Heaters

Indirect heating is the way to go if you want to use your iStill for mashing and on the grain/pulp distilling

Additional Square Manhole

Allows for easy boiler acces. Made for people that want to use their iStill for mashing, fermenting and/or on the grain/pulp distilling

Dynamic Cuts Management

Dynamic Cuts Management (DCM) monitors cuts every second and adapts automatically where needed

Wifi Module

For wireless monitoring and management of your iStill, and over the air updates

Glass Column Segments

Offer the ultimate customer experience with an additional glass column

Potstill Column

A more traditional design that allows you to make all spirits save vodka

500 Liter Extractor

For perfect taste extraction, amazing gins and amazing liqueurs

UL Compliant

For more than 100 years, manufacturers have had their USA products evaluated and tested for safety risks via the independent, third-party UL safety certification organization.

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Price of current setup:
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iStill 5000

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