Jonas, Anders, Richard, Katarina

Bröderna Bommen AB

Njurunda, Sweden

The Story of Bröderna Bommen

We are three childhood friends who decided to start a brewery in 2013. It´s been a fantastic journey building the brewery. Back in 2013 we brewed about 70 L of beer each brew day. We decided to expand and can now make 1500 L of beer every week. The name Bommen Brothers (Bröderna Bommen) comes from us being like brothers and living in a place called Bommen.

During the years we have been talking about distilling. A very fascinating process and one of our goals was to one day be able to buy a still. Our plan was to distill different kind of spirits. Vodka, Gin, Snaps and Whisky. In 2016 we looked around on Internet and saw the most amazing machine! It looked just like a Bommen Brothers still. Black and stainless steel. Absolutely fantastic. We started to read about the still and looked at Odins clips on Youtube. We were hooked. After a couple of emails to Odin and his amazing team we decided to get the finances to invest in a 500 L iStill. We had a meeting with our bank and they loved the idea. They liked that we could use our brewery to make wash for the still. A local beer and a locally produced spirit. The bank gave us their thumbs up. So we placed the order on a well equipped iStill.

We have just started distilling and the still is a dream come true. Easy to use and looks amazing. When you start using a new machine you always have some questions. William, the technician, at iStill has been a fantastic support. Answering all our questions. And he helped us upgrade the firmware. Just the word “upgrade firmware” can give you a headache. But we just connected the still to our network and gave William our macadress and 20 minutes later the still was upgraded and up and running. The plan now is getting to know our still and making the final recipe for our vodka, then gin, then snaps, then whisky then rum and then………………….

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