Paul Hoogsteder

Meanie Distillery

Delft, The Netherlands

Meanie Distilling in the Netherlands

Meanie is a craft distillery in Delft, the Netherlands which makes top shelf white spirits like gin and jenever, right next to the jenever capital Schiedam. Owner Paul Hoogsteder does everything himself: recipe development, distilling, bottling, packaging, sales and marketing.

Paul's story

My name is Paul Hoogsteder, founder of a one-man (so far) distillery. I have been brewing beer since the nineties, after learning that at my Scouting group in Voorburg, and later on got a keen interest in distilling. After completing the iStill University training in Amsterdam I decided the right time had come to start my own distillery, focusing purely on white spirits - no whisky or rum for me! I'm in regular contact with other University students to exchange ideas and help each other create even better products.

The University course and the excellent Consultancy from Odin helped me to develop a few great recipes that won many medals in major international spirits competitions, right in the first half year. Business is booming, I'm already saving for the purchase of an iStill 2000 NextGen to keep up with demand.

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