William Vermeulen


Woerden, The Netherlands

Hi there!

I am William and you may already know me from email contact on support instructions and software updates already. That’s because I am, as iStill’s Assembly Hall Manager not only responsible for final assembly of your units but also of helping out at setting you up.

My adventure in spirits didn’t start with iStill. Whisky, especially single malt, is my passion. I drink it, I collect it, and I try to learn as much about it as possible: what smell and what taste do each of the different whiskies have? Can you imagine my excitement, when I found out that iStill was actually making single malt whisky in the very city I live in? I had to learn more and reached out to them. Before I knew it, I was working at iStill. First as a Technician, now as Assembly Manager. I am living my dream. Not only am I collecting great whiskies, but I am now also involved in making them and in helping numerous customers around the world by providing them with better distillation equipment for them to put to good use.

My professional background? I have done technical studies. First in Australia, where I lived until I was 18, and from then onwards in the Netherlands. Hard work and study, for quite a few years, have made me a certified, teach-in, CNC metal miller and turner. Now I am enjoying helping out the industry not only for whisky but a great variety of drinks, helping make it possible and get great products on the market.


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